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    How SURE! Optimizes IT Operational Aspects? (Functional & Integration)

    For the success of a project, it is important to have a clear understanding of the physical and functional requirements. The project is often developed based on a persons needs and requirements and thus has a preset desired result. The project is believed to be functionally successful when it is able to meet all the technical issues. In the IT sector, it is important to opt for functionally successful models in order to reap great benefits. Development in the IT sector has refocused on the needs of designing, programming, operating and constructing facilities. New technologies have been designed to meet the requirements of the fast developing technology. SURE! is a subscription based commerce that has been helping service providers to avail the best services in the industry. Efficient and
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    Cloud Computing and the need for Cloud Billing Explained

    By looking back at the history of the computers, it can be seen that the computer technology has evolved over the years. For the last decade, one trend that has caught peoples attention is the cloud computing trend. This trend has marked its presence in the industry and now lets get an insight of what actually is cloud computing and how does it work? In simple terms, cloud computing means that a person instead of using the computers software and hardware while sitting at his home or within the companys network can seamlessly use service on another provider to access the internet. It does not matter where the hardware or the software is located, the user can access the internet that is represented by the cloud. It is a buzzword that has different meanings for different people. For instance


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